Author: Steve Conroy

Reviews From The Dentist Chair

HEALTH CARE ‘Ahazihng’: Patients ‘Review’ Dental Practice From The Dental Chair Ever try speaking to a dentist while your mouth is full of dental paraphernalia? The result might sound something like this: “I ike oing ooo tah entist nohw.” That is, if you were so eager to praise the dentist that you couldn’t wait till […]

Ad Age Stays Home

RHODE ISLAND’S AMUSING FAKE PHARMA AD HAS THE BEST PRESCRIPTION FOR STAYING HEALTHY Nail Communications spot pitches ‘StayingHome™’ like a drug—though this time, the side effects aren’t unwanted By  Ethan Jakob Craft  Published On Jan 12, 2024     Editor’s Pick Ads for prescription and over-the-counter medicines are ubiquitous on American TV, and at the […]

Berkeley Brings New England to Life for Arbella

Citizens gets into the private banking business; Swift starts anew; Puma hires new senior VP; Bringing New England to life for Arbella By Jon Chesto Globe Staff Berkeley brings New England to life for Arbella When Joe Berkeley wanted to create a true-to-life portrait of New England for Quincy-based insurer Arbella Insurance, he figured he should have real […]

Arbella in Agency Stir

Friday Stir By Kyle O’Brien on Oct. 20, 2023 – 8:15 AM Two new commercials from agency Joe Berkeley for client Arbella show people selflessly helping others. The first, “Friend in Need” has a lobsterman and his son rescuing a dog who has swum too far from shore before the crew reunites the dog with his human […]

Hollywood in Hull: Local writer/director’s TV commercial ‘a love letter to small-town living’

October 19, 2023 By Carol Britton Meyer Hull’s Joe Berkeley calls his latest television commercial featuring local lobstermen “a love letter to small-town living.” Berkeley wrote and directed a spot for the Quincy-based Arbella Insurance Group featuring a Hull lobsterman and his son rescuing a dog that swam too far from shore and reuniting him […]

Mansion Marketing

AGENCIES Wednesday Stir By Kyle O’Brien on Feb. 8, 2023 – 8:15 AM -Nail Communications partnered with The Preservation Society of Newport County in Rhode Island to promote the famed Newport Mansions. The dramatic lives of the wealthy families who resided in them gets a movie trailer for a film that doesn’t exist. Dubbed “Live the Drama, […]